Kennett Watch Boxes and rolls - The best gift for Watch collectors

Posted on October 28 2019

Kennett Watch Storage – The Best Gift for Watch Collectors


Collectors are challenging to buy for. They know so much about their particular hobby or niche that it can be intimidating to try and pick something that will improve their collection. Watch collectors are particularly tricky, as not only do you have to pick something that they want, but quite often their standard of watch might cost several hundred or thousands of pounds!


We are here to tell you that there is a solution, and it doesn’t mean having to splurge two months wages on a luxury watch brand. Here is why storage solutions for watch collectors are not only thoughtful but valuable.


Watch Boxes


So you know someone with a collection of watches and want to buy them something that improves their collection – look no further than a watch box. These are the perfect solution to display or just organise their collection in style and safety. Kennett watch boxes provide that touch of luxury required that any watch collection worth its salt is worth.


We manufacture these boxes with the same philosophy that we create our watches – they are built to last using only quality materials. From using robust yet luxurious woods and fabrics, down to expertly engineered hinges that will open and close both smoothly and reliable for decades to come, each and every element has been hand-picked.


We offer a range of different materials and finishes to suit all tastes. From natural wood products to leather-bound boxes, and even carbon fibre design, whether you want something classic or modern, you can depend on the same standard of manufacturing and timeless look.


With a range of sizes available, there are boxes for every level of watch owner, regardless of whether they have a couple of key pieces or a more sizeable collection. Choose between 4, 5, 6, 8, or 10 pillows inside, each perfectly sized to hold a wide array of watch sizes from small faces and thin straps to oversized.


Kennett also provides several watch boxes with sturdy locks with a robust and reliable mechanism. These are a fantastic option for collectors who might have small children tempted to play with the watches, or for those who simply want that extra level of security.


If they want to present everything pride of place, go for one of our display boxes. These have a glass panel that means their beloved accessories will always be there to see, even when they aren’t actively choosing which is going to be their chosen wrist accessory for the day.


Storage and display boxes can really help watch owners appreciate their collection, and with the range of options we have available you can pick something that isn’t only the right size, but the right look for any room or personal taste.


Watch Roll


If you know a watch enthusiast that is always on the move, try our watch rolls. Our unique and robust roll cases are the best method of transporting watches safely, securely, and most importantly for the discerning collector, in style.


These are perfect for people who regularly travel for work, allowing them to keep their watches safe and organised within their luggage.


Our carbon fibre watch roll comes in a black carbon fibre finish, providing a modern but understated look. The inside of the case is finished in a contrasting ivory-coloured velvet which helps to showcase the watches inside. This material is also vital for keeping the watches protected, regardless of how much your luggage moves around while travelling.


The three 56mm watch pillows can accommodate the majority of watch types, including oversized faces. These cases are finished with a robust silver buckle that won’t open without deliberate action, as well as the Kennett name and logo in striking silver appliqué lettering.


Kennett watch rolls aren’t just striking looking and beautifully made accessories; they are essential for any travelling watch collector who wants to protect his or her most precious pieces.


Buy Online


And there we have it – even if you are buying for someone who usually spends five or ten times your gift budget on watches, there are still plenty of thoughtful and useful options that will make valuable additions to their collection.


We also pride ourselves in offering free next day delivery as well as a thirty-day return policy, making sure you have the confidence to order with us and see the quality of Kennett products for yourself.


To take a look at our entire range of watch storage and transport options, click here.

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