Advantages of an Analog Watch

Posted on December 11 2019


Wrist watches are timeless, but when it comes to making the call between analog and digital many are left confused. Which one will get the job done? Which one suits my personality better? How long will each last? As connoisseurs of quality, we are here to make the case for analog. Read on to see the top four reasons we think analog watches are the superior choice. 


In the digital age, we often assume digital equals better, but that isn’t always the case. Did you know that humans tend to respond better to analog watches? This is partly due to the fact that from an early age we are exposed to clock faces, and are therefore able to recall their information easier. Also their handmade, precision craftsmanship yields simple and expert design. One quick glance at an analog watch tells us everything we need to know. The two hand design provides a more precise depiction of the time, allowing you to determine time elapsed easier. They're also more reliable be that they’re manual. This is why the most accurate and expensive watches in the world are analog, they are superior when it comes to time keeping.


At a young age we are taught the important educational value of a traditional clock face. It helps us mark the passing of time, and because so much of our education is analogous, an analog watch perfectly aligns with our cognitive development. Using an analog watch keeps the faculties of our brain's functioning. They also make for a fun and personal teaching moment for any parent. Learning how to read a clock face is a crucial moment in any child’s life, so having one on hand (literally) allows you to share that moment with them. Most children who learn the functioning of an analog watch go on to be able to read both analog and digital, while digital learners are confined to digital watches alone.


Analog watches mark the passing of time in more ways that one. Often used as gifts, luxury watches are a unique and memorable way to mark a special occasion. The most popular times being graduations, birthdays and anniversaries. Analog watches always make for a meaningful and heartfelt present evoking feelings of heritage and nostalgia. Such timepieces are not confined by gender, and can be used efficiently by people of all ages.Kennett Watches design timepieces for men, women, young and old. In fact, it was out of the need for a 60th Birthday present for Tom’s Dad that Kennett Watches was first born. The versatile but classic style our watches has lasting appeal, browse our shop, to see that there really is a collection for everyone.  


Analog watches are as fashionable as they are functional. The rich and durable material of Kennett Watch straps combined with the stunning details of our clock faces, show the exquisite beauty of designer analog timepieces. In their unique and intricate design, analog watches are used to convey style, artistry and personality. Designer watches like those at Kennett Watches are a wearable piece of art, which is why collecting them is a passion that unites many. Owning one is an indicator of taste, and of your own personal style.


If you want to start your collection today with a high quality, reliable timepiece at an affordable price, shop here.

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